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Irina Holodova
rina Kholodova works on TV and she is absolutely pleased with it. According to Irina herself, making dolls is just a hobby for her, an occupation for the soul. But her own attitude to this hobby has distinguished her from many other nonprofessional dollmakers. But how an artist can be considered non-professional if she works with one of the most difficult to process materials – the so-called diamond paperclay? If she is a master who combines easily plastic and hand painted batik with leather, fabrics and home-made lace? A master, who balances his works so competently and accurately that they can easily "stand" on their feet own, unlike creations of many well-known authors who can not survive without coasters, pins and other additional support? ... But we do not ask such questions - we are absolutely confident in Irina’s professionalism and we enjoy watching the constant growth of her skills, not forgetting at the same time to add her new works to our collection. The only problem is that this collection grows slowly because too many connoisseurs of Irene’s dolls are interested in them too. Read more
Джонатан Свифт
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