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Galina Korostik
alina has no classical art education in the traditional sense, but evening drawing classes at the Academy of Fine Arts and frequent contacts with representatives of artistic and theatrical circles of Petersburg did not pass in vain: the young artist’s unique style of portraying and an exquisite taste were formed. Galina is a charming, open and sociable woman. In her studio on the walls there are her own works side by side with vintage photographs of the late nineteenth century. A spotted cow with wings used as a fan hangs down from the ceiling, and a black top hat is lying forgotten on the back of the sofa. Her works are as diverse as the surrounding world itself. Galina is a graphic artist and she has, as she modestly remarks, her own unique technique.  It takes a lot of time to create her works: at first - a complex texture (know-how!), then – a fine ornament, after that - bright but delicate watercolors. Galina works a lot, she paints women, children, animals and flowers. He works are typical female, soft set, nothing special at first glance, but it is not true. Her characters are surprisingly varied, and sources of her inspiration are not trivial: The Old Testament, paintings of Lucas Cranach Senior, silent films of 30-ies, etc. She moves easily from one topic to another: dances, aromas, China, jungle, kids… Galina does not like to repeat her works because after more than two decades of creative work she still has many unrealized ideas, and it would be pity to waste sunny days in her beloved garret on repetition. Though a repetition is sometimes very much wanted: her works are very quickly sold to private collections of Russia, or go abroad.
Galina Korostik was born in 1955 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Russia. She? graduated evening drawing classes in Art Academy (Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture), Saint Petersburg. She has been a member of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Union of Artists since 2001. Her works can be found in the Nabokov Museum in Saint Petersburg and private collections in Russia and abroad.
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