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Olga Lapina

irst we saw a picture. The picture of two and a half metres wide looked big enough at the final exhibition in a spacious hall of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, but when it got into the gallery it subjugated all its space. The work was called "Silence." Low fog, a half wrecked church, a lone figure of monk – someone could see nothern island landscape on the picture, someone - his or her home village somewhere in the middle Russia ... And then the author of the picture -Olga Lapina- came to see us. Being a young and frail girl at first glance, Olga paints mature and serious pictures. Her calm, deep and dull landscapes with views of Central Russia delight an eye and warm a soul. Plains and fields, wetlands and river banks, villages covered with snow - gray-brown, almost monochromic landscapes can cause a little bit of light sadness but can make you think only about good things. Olga paints churches and monasteries of Suzdal, Rostov, Vladimir in a calm and not pathetic manner that can not be found among ostentatious views of The Golden Ring which have become very common nowadays. Olga’s works get right into a soul, where everyone has his or her own recollections of grandmother's village, a summer river, a cold autumn mist, spring floods, childhood and home ...


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