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Дмитрий Яковин mitry Yakovin is an author of microrealism – a genre established by him on the basis of surrealism several years ago. We often think of surrealism as a difficult to understand, gloomy and sometimes even depressive genre, but Dima clearly demonstrates that a fictional and sometimes not very logical reality may bring bright and positive emotions. His characters - microrealists – are micro human-like beings, something between fairies, gnomes and goblins together, living in an ordinary(at first glance) world. They are surrounded by ordinary objects: they can be found in a garden hiding under the big fly-agarics, in a kitchen on a shelf, sitting on a bottle neck, or on a forest meadow occupied by sharing of freshly dug up carrots. Sometimes they have pets, mostly relaxed, lazy and really funny cats.  Together they make up their own special world, and despite differences in appearance they are very reminiscent of the Dima: they are as unusual, original, sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always very good as he is. Dima works a lot and do it with pleasure - and with each his new work the microrealists gain more confidence and vitality, so that viewers are left with serious doubts as if they are real or not.  Dmitry Yakovin was born in Vladivostok, Russia, in 1969.
In 1995 he graduated from the Repin Academy of Arts (St.Petersburg), the drawing department, also studied at the Academy of Arts in West Berlin, Germany. Since 1992, Dmitry has been a member of the Union of Professional Artists of Russia, later he was admitted to the Imagination of Art Club (London, Great Britain), where he was named the best artist of 2005.
Currently, the artist lives and works in St. Petersburg, although he became well-known in Europe and America. His works can be found in museums and private collections in Canada, France, Germany, Russia and America.
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