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n March 2010 Vadim Zverev Gallery has launched a new project with the unusual name Aftjatika. This stylish antiquarian-ethnographic boutique provides a unique "collection of collections" which has been forming for many years. We gathered under one roof the pieces of art from four great and inexhaustible countries, such as Africa, Japan, Tibet, China (forming together the name of the project, “AfJaTiCa”). From Africa we have brought not only common to everybody statuettes, jewelry and masks, but also amazing Coptic crucifixes and the ancient sacred books made of leather, wood and stone. From Japan - exquisite netsuke made of yellowed of the time bone and weightless wood, brutal samurai armor, wooden chests and a collection of gorgeous vases, made in the ancient technique of cloisonn enamel. And also ukiyo-e - traditional Japanese woodcut color prints, the beauties and dynamics of which were well admired by the founders of European Art Nouveau style. In our Tibetan collections you can find old tankas and bronze images of Buddha, singing bowls and smoking tubes. From China we have brought silk scrolls and subtle bone carving, furniture and bronze. All the above-mentioned items (as well as many other interesting and unusual things) are placed in a specially equipped and secured room in the gallery. If you notify us in advance about the visit, then the lovely tour guides will be glad to tell and show the guests all the masterpieces of our collection.

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