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ntique maps do not need any additional representation. Maps remind us of romantic travels, mysteries of distant lands, history and geography of our own homeland. Maps have been a part of our lives since childhood, they came from books about pirates and adventures, and they made us interested in unknown seas and lands. Unfortunately in the course of time maps either disappear from the lives of most people, or degrade to the banal road atlas. But romance can be returned if we start to gather a collection. And to begin a collection we need to choose an interesting topic. It can be history of the whole country or history of the small town. The first available map of Russia, for example, is dated fifteenth century, first map of St. Petersburg – sixteenth century. Such maps serve as «living history», a reminder of long-forgotten time when shapes of the continents and territory borders were all different and some cities didn’t even existed on the maps.And the search for maps is very interesting itself, because apart from the classic, well-known and recognized publications there are many unknown materials, such as old maps of Russia, found in Singapore and Great Britain by some English author, who had very little idea about our country, but had a good imagination and sense of humor.
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