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Media about us
«Traditions and Modern Tendances» (Moscow, Central Exibition Hall Manège, January 2008). This exibition was a dèbut for our gallery. Then we showed paintings by St.Petersburg artists, such as Dmitry Yakovin, Andrei Gonukov, Armen Gasparian, as well as etchings by Konstantin Kolinovich (his works were specially mentioned by the jury), and metal sculptures by Sergei Kondrashkin.

«Print-fancier» (Saint-Petersburg, May 2008). This exhibition traditionally takes place in the very center of the city, in Central Exibition Hall Man?ge. During its first participation in it the gallery showed etchings by Sergei Kondrashkin and Stanislav Nikereev, drawings by Galina Korostik etc.

IV International Doll Show in Moscow (Moscow, T-Module Exhibition Center, 9-12 October 2008). Works by Roman Shustrov, Andrei Drozdov, Alexandra Khudyakova and Irina Daineko were introduced to the public.

«Doll time 2» (St.Petersburg, 18-21 December 2008). At this winter exhibition we showed artdolls by Irina Daineko, Irina Kholodova, Yurate Yasyavichene and Roman Shustrov, and what's more works by St.Petersburg microrealist Dmitry Yakovin.

«Doll time 3» (St.Petersburg, June 2009). We surprised guests of this summer exhibition with African series of dolls by Elena and Ekaterina Popova.

«Doll time 4» (St.Petersburg, December 2009). The most part of the winter exhibition consisted of works by Yurate Yasyavichen, notamment her famous series «Different Kinds of Love».

«Print-fancier» (St.Petersburg, 28 May – 6 June 2010). This time the gallery introduced its collection of original gravures by Giovanni Valpato and Luigi Fabri (their copies from Vatican frescoes by Rafael Santi)

«Doll time 5» (St.Petersburg, 10-13 June 2010). The first personal exhibition of Andrei Drozdov artdolls was organised at the stand of Vadim Zverev Gallery.

«Doll time 6» (St.Petersburg, 16 – 19 Decembre 2010). At the exhibition we organised a collectif exposition of works by different artists, who permanently cooperate with the gallery. Among them Irina Holodova, Andrei Drozdov, Roman Shustrov, Elena and Ekaterina Popovi and traditionally exposed painting by Dmitry Yakovin.

II International Exhibition “Doll Art” (Moscow, Central Exibition Hall Man?ge, 28-30 August 2011). Artdolls touched with urbanism by Andrei Drozov as well as unbelievably kind and moving works by Roman Shustrov were introduced to the public. Another part of the collection was effectively represented by Dmitry Yakovin’s paintings, depicting heroes of his own fantasy– microrealists.
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