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Vlad Kostenko

lad Kostenko lives in a remote village a few dozen kilometers from Moscow with his wife and two huge dogs. He goes for a hunt or just for a walk into the woods to watch animals and then with a few strokes of a pencil, with a confidence of a born animal painter reproduces behavior, moods and habits of animals known to everyone in the middle zone of Russia: bears and wolves, wild boars and lynxes. Sometimes Vlad is doing a bone and wood carving creating silky hair, smooth feathers, bright eyes, rotten oak bark, and rough paw pads out of mammoth tusk of hard black wood.
Vlad Kostenko graduated from theTomsk Moscow Art School . Then he entered the Abramtsevo Vasnetsov Industrial ArtCollege, the faculty of wood carving.

Now the master lives in the village Stoianovo (15 km from Chernogolovka).

works of the artist in Peinting section

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