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ladimir Vishnevsky was born in Leningrad in 1938. Now he is considered to be a founder of avant-garde engineering collage in the USSR and a creator of a unique author's style called STOP-MEKHANICA.Vladimir Vishnevsky’s creative flourish was at the end of the 80 - early 90's, the artist actively exhibited his numerous works in Lenigrad-St.Petersburg. Among his works there were not only usual "flat" collages, but also original author's sculptures.The master used mainly wood, bronze, brass and copper. Following the tradition of futurism and avant-garde, Vladimir Vishnevsky included elements of engineering design in his collages, skillfully playing with modernist and surreal ideas. Many of the artist’s collages refer to the paradoxes of socialism and communism era, but they have no deliberateness or kitsch, which are usually associated with this topic.Vladimir Vishnevsky’s collages can be found in private collections and museums in Germany, the USA and Russia.
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