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Aleksandr Kalashnikov
lexander Kalashnikov is an artist whose remarkable original works on the glass decorate many interiors in St. Petersburg. His first professional education was at the Polytechnic school at the Leningrad Porcelain factory, where he was are taught to "work with his own hands", which is especially important for an artist who has to deal with such complex and interesting material, as glass. After he graduated from polytechnic school, Alexander worked for some time at the art laboratory at the porcelain factory, and when went to the famous "Mucha" academy, the department of Glass and Ceramics, where young applicants with work experience are more than welcome. In the early nineties, Alexander finished his education, and some time later joined the Union of Artists. He began working with the interiors, creating not only traditional form of stained glass, but also complicated compositions for walls, ceilings, folding screens… Over the years of work Alexander has mastered many techniques, working with color, transparent, relief, multilayered and other types of glass. The artist knows how to use his works to paint a rainbow on the gray landscape of St. Petersburg and how to fill with bright colors the view from the window to a backyard. Alexander works in seclusion, listening to the music, which he himself with love finds and collects, and rarely appears with his work on the city exhibitions. Which is not surprising, as in a state-owned premises of showrooms it is impossible to convey the warmth and coziness of interiors, which are made by Alexander with love and passion. Read more
Stained glass in gallery interiors 
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