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Vadim Zverev Art Gallery opens its doors for the long-awaited guests!

To wake you up from the winter sleepiness we have prepared a cheerful, and somewhat brutal exposition. Its main part consists of works made by men and their strong arms.

Among them are the  copies from Vatican frescoes by Jiovanni Volpato and Luidgi Fabri , which have a rich 300-years long history, and several etchings by modern artist Konstantin Kalinovich.

Lyrical paintings by Armen Gasparian, interesting in their philosophical plots, and a large-scale triptych “The Tournament” by Andrey Gonukov.

Delicate sparrows softly delineated on the rise paper by talented Chinese artist Ching Kek How and weighty still-life well-standing on the table by Alexandr Krilov.Sculptures of some great Russian historical personalities by Sergei Kondrashkin. Sexual and melancholic works by father and son Avetisyan.

Motionless heroes keeping their complicated poses by Andrei Drozdov, and dolls-sculptures holding their breath by Roman Shustrov. This man’s company is diversified by Galina Korostik and her graphical works covering Don Juan and Donna Anna theme.  You won’t also disregard the dolls made of papier-mâché by Maria Kasianenko and Irina Holodova, as well as a New-Year’s still-life smelling of tangerines by Natalia Selivanova.

13 February 2012

Autumn exhibition at the gallery

September 1, “Vadim Zverev Gallery” is glad to invite honor art-lovers to its new “autumn” exposition.

Among exhibited art pieces you will enjoy vivid canvases from Andrey Gonukov’s series “Review. New round”. They represent author’s creative vision of world-known masterpieces of graphic works and paintings. In addition, every visitor has the outstanding chance to penetrate into philosophical world of Armen Gasparyan’s graphic arts. His works are so far from reality and full of veiled sense that one can’t help asking himself eternal questions and start looking for answers.

Moreover, our guests will see more than 20 works of an eminent sculptor Arsen Avetisyan and, of course, will share cheerful emotions from new artdolls made by Roman Shustrov, Andrey Drozdov and Olga Popugaeva. And finally, bright and a little bit na?ve heroes from Dmitry Yakovin’s canvases will complete the animated spirit from the exhibition.


07 September 2011

Exhibition “Warm Day”

«Vadim Zverev Gallery» presents the unique author’s project by a Moscow felt artist Irina Endreeva. Active participant and winner of diverse contests and exhibitions Irina Andreeva will bring her creation to Saint-Petersburg, finally. The new project is called “Warm Day”. Citing Irina’s words, it represents a warm story going on in felt space: warm heroes and warm memories from the childhood. The main character is a little girl left at home alone. She is a bit sad but not bored. Everything at home amuses her, besides, there is a cat following her everywhere, they easily understand each other. The leading message of the exposition is the feeling that will definitely awake in every soul: warmth of the home and of the world around you, affection to beloveds. Personal exhibition by Irina Andreeva will be open to visitors from June 15 to July 10, 2011 at “Vadim Zverev Gallery” (1, Sikeirosa st.,St.Petersburg), daily, except Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 20 p.m. free entrance.Additional information available by phone: +7 905 2157047
06 June 2011

New exposition

After a long break «Vadim Zverev Gallery» presents absolutely new spring exposition showing several art streams at once. Firstly, visitors will see explicit collection of Arsen Avetisyan’s sculptures, his well-known works from series “Coffee” and “Signs of the zodiac”, and absolutely new sculptures, for instance, author’s copy of the loved by many St. Petersburg residents sculpture “Thoughts about the Little Prince” which is permanently displayed in the yard of the language and literature department at St. Petersburg State University. Moreover, there is a solo exhibition of an outstanding art dolls’ artist Olga Popugaeva going on on the first level of the gallery. Art dolls are surrounded by vivid paintings by Dmitry Yakovin, Michail and Inessa Garmash, Armen Gasparyan. From April 26, the gallery is open daily, except, Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 20 p.m. Entrance free of charge. Additional information available by phone: +7 921 9154328
25 April 2011

Entertaining paleontology

Vadim Zverev Gallery has expanded its collection of interesting things with new rarities. Now we have a permanent exhibition of paleontological finds.












The second floor of gallery is given to subjects, whose age is estimated in thousands, and even millions of years: a couple of perfectly preserved mammoth tusks, a skeleton of a small dinosaur, a neat pile of ammonites and trilobites flock. And also there are saw cuts of huge petrified trees and skeletons of ancient fish, pieces of minerals and other things.

The exposition is opened during gallery visiting hours, more detailed information can be learned by phone: +7 921 9154328.

22 September 2010

Exhibition of art dolls

From 4 June to 4 July 2010 Vadim Zverev Gallery for the third time held traditional summer exhibition of art dolls.

Since opening of the gallery we are working with the best, in our view, modern doll masters. We are looking for and carefully select only the original, challenging and unusual art works. Among the exhibitors were: dolls by Jurate Yasyavichene (Vilnus) from her famous series "Love by Jura", new works by Roman Shustrov (Saint Petersburg) and Irina Goryunova (Moscow), Alexandra Khudyakova (Moscow) and Andrei Drozdov (Moscow). And also the works by Tamara Pivnyuk (Kiev, Ukraine), Irina Deineko (Saint Petersburg), Irina Kholodova (Moscow), Irina Yegorova (Saint Petersburg), Elena and Ekaterina Popovy (Kharkov, Ukraine) and other great authors.?The exhibition has been visited by more than six hundred people.

04 August 2010