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Exhibition of art dolls
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 00:00

From 4 June to 4 July 2010 Vadim Zverev Gallery for the third time held traditional summer exhibition of art dolls.

Since opening of the gallery we are working with the best, in our view, modern doll masters. We are looking for and carefully select only the original, challenging and unusual art works. Among the exhibitors were: dolls by Jurate Yasyavichene (Vilnus) from her famous series "Love by Jura", new works by Roman Shustrov (Saint Petersburg) and Irina Goryunova (Moscow), Alexandra Khudyakova (Moscow) and Andrei Drozdov (Moscow). And also the works by Tamara Pivnyuk (Kiev, Ukraine), Irina Deineko (Saint Petersburg), Irina Kholodova (Moscow), Irina Yegorova (Saint Petersburg), Elena and Ekaterina Popovy (Kharkov, Ukraine) and other great authors.?The exhibition has been visited by more than six hundred people.