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Autumn exhibition at the gallery
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 12:34

September 1, “Vadim Zverev Gallery” is glad to invite honor art-lovers to its new “autumn” exposition.

Among exhibited art pieces you will enjoy vivid canvases from Andrey Gonukov’s series “Review. New round”. They represent author’s creative vision of world-known masterpieces of graphic works and paintings. In addition, every visitor has the outstanding chance to penetrate into philosophical world of Armen Gasparyan’s graphic arts. His works are so far from reality and full of veiled sense that one can’t help asking himself eternal questions and start looking for answers.

Moreover, our guests will see more than 20 works of an eminent sculptor Arsen Avetisyan and, of course, will share cheerful emotions from new artdolls made by Roman Shustrov, Andrey Drozdov and Olga Popugaeva. And finally, bright and a little bit na?ve heroes from Dmitry Yakovin’s canvases will complete the animated spirit from the exhibition.