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Gennady Pylin
ennadiy is not a very tall man, whose short hair, heavy shoes and a shirt in the ‘military” style make him look like anyone, but not a sculptor, a master of 'small plastic art'. Nevertheless, he is the one who cuts his works out of natural stone. And the works resemble famous Japanese netsuke – they are simple and accomplished at the same time. Natural stone is one of the hardest and therefore difficult to process materials, but, according to Gennady, it gives a special attraction to his work: he can communicate with the stone, he can meditate in a creative process, he can address vital issues and after all receive a bright thing with a strong energy as a result of a long and hard work.Gennady was always interested in oriental culture and the ability of old masters to express complex philosophical ideas, and a deep inner meaning in simple shapes and lines. The artist himself modestly asks not to consider him a genius, but calls himself a happy man. He is a master in whose hands jasper, obsidian or smoky quartz not only gets a perfect shape, but a soul also.

Gennady Pylin was born in 1964 in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), Russia. He graduated from high school at the Art Academy of Arts and served in the army. Then he worked as an jeweller’s apprentice, studying hand-to-hand fighting at the same time, and in the 1990’s began to make stone sculpture. Currently, the master lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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