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Olga Popugaeva
s a rule, artists who create bright, talented works are extraordinary person in a real life as well. Olga Popugaeva is an excellent confirmation of this rule. Olya is an artist, and her main activity is illustrating of books for children. She and her husband Dmitry Nepomnyashchii have already been successfully engaged in it for a very long time. They work in a creative tandem: Dmitry invents and works out characters, and Olga, being a talented watercolorist, brings the images to perfection, making them bright and full of life. Olga and Dmitri illustrate Russian and foreign fairy tales, Pushkin’s poems. A book "Hermits. Petersburg Tale" is one of their latest successful projects for children. Besides, the artists illustrate magazines, create greeting cards and do much more things. However Olga Popugaeva doesn’t confine herself to do it. In her spare time (despite the fact that she has too little spare time) Olya makes artdolls. All of them are small, made of plastic, papier-mache and everything that comes in her way whether it's vintage lace tinted with tea or very expensive silk ties ruthlessly cut to shreds. Among Olga’s characters are thoughtful young ladies, romantic cowherds, brownies, Actors and flirtatious girls, Cinderella and Shalunya, angels and crackers, and even Parapet, Fa?ade and White Night. Various characters awake to life in Olga’s hands. Their number grows year by year, but they are sure to find a home because it’s impossible to pass by the creations which are so unusual, bright and cheerful as their charming creator.
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