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o select paintings for the collection of modern art was a hard, but very interesting work.It's fashionable and profitable to be a painter nowadays, and very often particularly fashionable and profitable became native painters with their views of hometown or landscape of the beloved country. Also on the monumental canvases you can see long-haired ladies, flowers, and so-called "abstraction". But we are looking for a slight different kind of art. We are much more interested in unique, gifted artists, who create unusual, hard to imagine, full of life and passion pictures which are at the same time do not violate ethical standards.  Modern paintings are very versatile and promising. Contemporary artist has an access to any materials and techniques, as well as a very large amount of visual information. Artists we work with are worthy of particular attention because they do not just draw in some well-known style, but can also adopt and interpret the experience of previous generations. They rely on the great achievements of predecessors, and create their own unique masterpieces. We value these artists and their work. We like them unconditionally, without compromises, despite a degree of fame and popularity of the author. Read more
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