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Lena & Katya Popovi
ach art doll, which joins the gallery’s collection is not just a masterpiece of fine arts. They are all result of a long, close work. Some of them are born by the will of the imagination, they appear as a concept, a pure idea. Others are the result of a rethinking of a plot, a familiar character or an image. And some of the dolls are a result of a long and attentive work, when an author becomes a traveler, an anthropologist and historian at the same time. The latter case is related to Lena and Katia Popov’s dolls (a sister’s duet). These dolls impress spectators with everything from the shapes of the fine sharp ankles and wrists and fragile-looking necks (all made of plastic and on a solid frame) to the choice of material: wild animal fur, feathers of exotic birds, leather, bone, sand, shells, beads, papyrus, gold leaf.  Every doll-character is self-sufficient and unique, each has a name and history, every detail of their costumes and even pose make the characters recognizable and absolutely real, and it does not matter whether it is Egyptian mythology or African beliefs that inspired the artists to make the dolls.    Twins Katya and Lena Popov were born and grew up in Perm (Russia). Their first acquaintance with doll’s making happened by accident while studying in the second year of the Urals State Architectural Academy (Ekaterinburg) at the Department of Fashion Design. But already in 2002 the sisters began to create their own dolls. At first, Lena and Katya were engaged in a portrait doll, but then the desire for maximum self-realization led them to work on a small thematic collections (12-15 dolls). The first conceptual project fashion MOON was presented at the III International Exhibition in Moscow and was enthusiastically received by the public. The second project, «SKIN», presented at the IV International Salon in Moscow, was radically different from the first, but caused no less enthusiasm and praise. And from that very project the girls relationships with Vadim Zverev Gallery began. Read more
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