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Irina Gorunova
 very positive and friendly lady from Moscow, Irina Goryunova, dared to give up a boring but steady job in a bank and devote herself to artdolls a few years ago. Now she makes only two or three dolls per year, but her mastery grows steadily with each new work. Creating her works, Ira always complements their graceful shapes with refined accessories and decorations, for example, with very small beads, so that every detail of the costume becomes self-sufficient work of art. Ira easily deals with paperclay, leather, copper, and cloth, telling a new story with each new doll. Irina makes series of works, and the diversity of the artist’s themes is indicated at by the titles of the series: "Orange Band", "Civilization", "Shaman Dance", "Winds" ...
Now most of Irina’s works are in private collections across the country, and she actively gives master classes, getting a great pleasure from a possibility to be able to share her secrets with her many disciples
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