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Andrey Gonukov
ndrew Gonyukov creates weightless and mysterious works. Light touches of pastel tones with flashes of silver and gold on his canvases merge in a haze through which a charming girl’s face, the silhouette of a shadowy town or a figure of a going away man could be discerned. A complicated technique allows Andrew play with the audience, camouflaging characters with semitones so that they are suddenly displayed with a ray of sunshine that the picture gets occasionally from the window. Andrew is a romantical artist and plots of his paintings resemble legends about knights and princesses, long-forgotten battles and lost cities. Even a composition of his pictures is unusual: figures which are static and not immediately eye-catching at first glance, are full of internal power and movement and require a maximum concentration from the viewer.
Andrew Gonyukov was born in 1967 in the Tihoretsk, Krasnodar, Russia. He studied at Krasnodar Art College and after that graduated from St. Petersburg Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His works are in private collections in Russia, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Belgium, USA, Italy. Currently the artist lives and works in St. Petersburg.
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