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hotography is a usual and necessary thing nowadays; you can shoot anything anywhere. Thanks to modern technology, quality photographs could be made by anyone of almost everything, beginning with child's first steps and ending with shark feast somewhere in the depths of the Pacific ocean. Technique has leaped forward. But the quality of the used equipment takes a back seat when it comes to the skill and professionalism of the photographer. And here the most interesting begins. What is better – professional or amateur photography? How is the work of travel photographer differ from the work of studio photographer? What in general may be a subject for shooting? What can be done with the photo after it had been printed? What pictures are only good to be in the family album and what are worthy to decorate any room? In order to answer all the above-mentioned questions we gathered our collection. Our photographs diverse in terms of topics, techniques and manner of shooting, the only thing that combines them together is that each one has something special about it, something that makes it unique.And most importantly, we do not just multiply the images: all authors we work with know about every print we made from their films, and there are not so many of such prints. So our clients can proudly say: “There are only three such photographs in the whole world, and one of them is hanging on my wall”.

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