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rtdolls are always individual and original works, and people working in this genre are always very creative and innovative. Because unlike other genres of modern art, artdolls are much less dependent on traditional forms and material. Imagination and talent of the authors working at the intersection directions of art, allows them to create true masterpieces out of the simple and familiar materials.Nowadays the artdoll making is actively developing in Russia. Local artists have some special, fresh and original style. They do not seek to make human-like and realistic dolls as many European puppeteers do. Instead of cold and heartless porcelain things, they create an interesting personalities full of life. They do not limit themselves in ideas or material, working with the same ease and grace with textiles, papier-m?ch?, felt, beads, leather, porcelain, plastic, wood, metal, or mixing it all at once. 
The task of our gallery is to try and find and show such a diverse part of contemporary art as artdolls. Because very often an artdoll worthy of attention quickly sets  in a closed private collections and remain unknown to many lovers of this wonderful genre.
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